Each year, our instructors get together to host a special special self defense course designed especially for adolecent, teenage and college age students… but all ages (6+) are welcome to attend. This course provides a fun and safe environment for ladies to learn practical martial arts and self defense in a condensed course. In each session, we’ll will focus on one of The Five Steps to Personal Safety:

STEP #1: Create Safe Habits

STEP #2: Be Aware But Not On Guard

STEP #3: Trust Your Intuition

STEP #4: Take Immediate Action

STEP #5: Learn from Your Experiences and the Experiences of Others

Being able to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous circumstances, use basic techniques to immobilize an aggressor, or knowing how to escape before being harmed can give students going into middle/high school or college a great advantage in undesirable circumstances. The concepts we teach in this program can help those of all ages and genders, but especially young women, be more confident and empowered, immediately.

This course is great for ladies of all ages, and anyone seeking the confidence that comes with knowing the basics of self defense.

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