Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts

School Rules

  • Always keep a strong and positive mental attitude. Be humble and respectful. Push yourself, but be safe.
  • Arrive on time and ready for practice with a complete and tidy uniform.
  • Treat your uniform with respect; after class, fold it correctly.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering the practice area. If you want to wear indoor-only shoes during practice, they must be approved in advance by your instructor.
  • Do not wear jewelry during class. Jewelry can cause injury to you or your classmates.
  • Students are responsible for all your own personal belongings.
  • Do not eat or chew gum in the studio. Water and sports drinks are not allowed on the practice area.
  • Never use vulgar language in or around the studio. You are a representative of our school, and are expected to uphold the same values you practice in class outside of class as well.
  • Discuss any problems or concerns with your instructor immediately.
  • Students should address all instructors and students by their correct title, or “Sir” or “Ma’am”.