Bryant Golden – Facebook
“For parent’s looking for a place to see there children or child grow in so many positive affirming ways this is the place to be, the instructors are awesome. The teen leadership is by far hands down the absolute best. For the younger children it’s an each one teach one, of course with the guidence of the instructors. All i can say is go see it for yourself you will sign your child up, because it is that fantastic.”

Jenny Joy – Facebook
“Yay! It has been a journey! We’re so proud of Dylan and all our members for giving their best efforts. Thank you Master Wilson and the team training and guiding our kids! We are beyond grateful!”

Laura Kotseva – Google
“After I started working from home, I became very sedentary and unhealthy. The gym doesn’t really work well for me so I started looking for martial art classes and came across Kuk Sool Won. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me.
Master Wilson is amazing and I’ve gotten both mentally and physically healthier. I’ve found some new friends and a safe place to work out and improve myself.”

Adrian Uscocovich – Google 
“We started with our son 6years old and have seen him take to it. Master Wilson has a very good positive messaging to the kids each class. There are 3 days in person at the park, 5 days on zoom to really take advantage on skill development.
If you are interested in learning you should visit the park and watch the kids learn, instructors teach and parents engaged. It’s been a wonderful experience and grateful for the positive messaging, learning how move your body at an early age and develop life long skills. Highly recommend this program.”

Nancy J. – Google
“I have been a Kuk Sool Won student under Master Christopher Wilson in Sherman Oaks CA since 2012 and now hold a first degree black belt. I highly recommend Master Wilson, who is an excellent instructor. He cares deeply about his students and is exceptional with children and the reason why we chose him for my grandson who is currently a first degree black belt and is now working under Master Wilson to achieve his second degree black belt. Encourage all to join us! All in!”

Aaron C. – Google 
“A great option for kids to develop confidence, discipline and skills!
Master Wilson is great and is very personal and attentive with each kid!
Mine is a happy camper for the past 2 1/2 years and totally recommend it!”

Giovanny G. – Google
“My son and I have been doing Kuk Sool Won over 5 years and earned our black belt this past June. This program teaches kids respect, commitment, and self discipline among some traits. It has taught me ways to be more patient with my kid. Check out one of classes via zoom and you’ll see that we work on forms, techniques, sparring, and weapons. There is something for everyone! 💯 % in!”

Michale J. – Google
“Our daughter has been going to Kuk Sool Won for about a year now. She started when she was 3 years old. The atmosphere is great and they make it fun to learn. The staff are so wonderful, nice and courteous. I highly recommend Kuk Sool Won martial arts to anyone.”

Trish S. – Google
“Kuk Sool is a terrific experience for our five-year-old son. Not only has it improved his physical fitness, balance and coordination, but also he learned about working towards a goal in a positive environment. Chris is an excellent instructor, merging the martial art body movements and philosophy in a fun and meaningful way. Would highly recommend the class.”

Sue R. – Yelp 

“Our family joined KSW a few months ago and we are completely devoted to the sport and our new friends that we do the sport with. We all look forward to our classes and are even going to participate in our first tournament this weekend. This is such a great family activity for us because we all enjoy it; this has never happened before. I also never thought that I would be interested in martial arts, but the supportive, patient manner in which we are taught makes for a fun experience. Every person at the studio wants you to succeed and they help you to do well. Also, we learn etiquette and respect, not a bad thing! I highly recommend the sport, the school and the teachers!”

Leslie W. – Yelp

“My son has been a Kuk Sool Won student at this school for almost 10 years now. He has earned a black belt, and is learning even more in self defense skills and techniques, as well as life skills on discipline, teamwork and respect. Christopher is a very dedicated and skilled teacher. The other instructors and students are very friendly and help each other in practice. It’s a very supportive environment for kids to learn and practice as they grow. And a great school for adults as well!”

Nina H. – Yelp

“I’ve been a student here for over a decade, and I can’t recommend this school enough! Besides teaching valuable lessons in self defense they teach integrity, discipline, and other important life skills.”

Francisco A. – Yelp

“I enrolled my daughter over a year a go, looking to give her some structure, exercise, focus and to teach her respect for martial arts and in life. But Master Chris and his class has given her and me as a parent, much more. This is a true life changing experience and an amazing life journey!”

Kristina H. – Yelp

“When I first started looking for a martial arts class for my 5 year old son, I was a bit apprehensive due to my son’s need for a bit extra guidance, and the fact that I really wanted his first encounter with sport to be a positive one.

Coming to Kuk Sool Won Family Martial Arts was an incredible blessing for our family. From the moment we signed up, the responsiveness and the guidance were amazing, and both Cristopher, Christa and other instructors never seem to run out of patience for children, and some of us parents who have million questions. My son is happy, more focused, and loves attending this class. Another thing that highly resonates with me is that the instructors embody the grace, self-discipline, attitude and knowledge of this incredible art. Thank you!”

Marian K. – Yelp

“It’s the best martial arts school. The instructors are very friendly and great with children. My four year old daughter has been going for about a year and she is very happy!! I highly recommend this place!”

Monet R. – Yelp

“Kuk Sool Won is an excellent martial arts discipline. Both my sons who have been practicing since 2007 and 2012 respectively, genuinely loves it! They’ve learned not only technical skills but more importantly life-long virtues that will serve them well in life.”

Sally S. – Yelp

“We have been going here for a couple of years with a couple of specific goals. Our one son is shy and pretty uncoordinated (I’m his mom and can say that) and needed something to build his self esteem and general athletic skills. Our other kid is severely adhd and needed something to help focus his mind and body, as well as teach him basic communication and participation skills. These particular instructors have that unspeakable thing that commands respect, ano they are also genuinely liked by all of the students, of every age. Both of my kids want to show up and do well, and I feel secure knowing that they’re getting a great education in Kuk Sool Won, as well as life. Thank you.”

Nancy J.Yelp

“You can become a martial artist at any age. KJN Christopher Wilson, our Master, is a superb instructor who strives to make us the best versions of ourselves. He is wonderful with the children and one of the most trustworthy persons I know.

I earned 1st Degree Black Belt. My grandson is also a 1st Degree Black Belt working on his 2nd Degree. We both now travel 2 hours to attend classes, and with each class we feel a true sense of accomplishment.

All in with KJN Master Christopher Wilson. Join Us!”

Aaron C.Yelp

“My daughters have been attending Kuk Sool martial arts in Sherman Oaks for years, and the transformation has been remarkable. Thanks to Christopher Wilson KJN and his dedicated team, the positive impact on their lives is truly evident.

Not only have they gained essential self-defense skills, but the program has also contributed significantly to their overall life improvement. Their self-confidence has soared, making everyday tasks seem like a breeze. The supportive atmosphere and effective teaching methods at Kuk Sool have undoubtedly made a lasting difference.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kuk Sool in Sherman Oaks for anyone looking not just for martial arts training but a holistic approach to personal growth. Thank you, Christopher Wilson KJN, for fostering such a positive and empowering environment!”

Carlos R.Yelp & Google

“While stationed abroad for the U.S. Military, I also joined Kuk Sool Won, Korean Martial Arts. As my enlistment completed, I came back home to Los Angeles. In order to get back on a regiment, I searched for some physical training school that I needed to get in shape and something to increase my metabolism. I discovered Kuk Sool Won Sherman Oaks with Master Christopher Wilson. With the knowledge, wisdom and discipline of his direction, I was able to embark on an excelled path as a better person, an actor and professional. The focused education on Korean history, language, and martial arts training by Master Wilson has been immeasurable and has left me with a sense of integrity, courage and gratitude especially when surrounded by the challenges I have face living in today’s world. This school encompasses around detailed oriented body movements tailored to structure and power of the human physique. There is no limit to what this school and martial Arts can do but to develop great leaders for tomorrow at any age and level.”