With Super Seminar upon us, this week’s Word is Etiquette.

Etiquette is important because it shows your respect for this martial art, and to the people you share the experience of learning it with.

Respect is a way you can show your thanks for being allowed to participate in this amazing experience.

It is important to acknowledge and honor the history of Kuk Sool Won. Were it not for the sacrifices of one family, we would not even have it as a martial art today. Every time you bow, or show etiquette in some fashion, you are showing respect to the entire history of Kuk Sool and everyone who has ever practiced it.

When we are attending WKSA events, we represent not only ourselves as individual students, but also our school, and Kuk Sool Won as a whole.

By showing etiquette we can represent ourselves to the best of our ability, which is extra important when Grandmaster Suh is coming to visit our schools. He has taken the time to visit every WKSA certified school at least once a year for decades. The least we can do is show In Hyuk Suh our deepest respect in the form of impeccable etiquette.

How do we show etiquette?

It is as simple as being sure to bow. In class, we bow in and out at the door, to Ma’am and Sir, to the flags, higher belts, and each other.

Be prepared to bow a lot more during WKSA events. Bow to everyone who is a higher belt than you, of course. If you address the person and don’t know their title or name, “Sir” or “Ma’am” are fine. Place your hands on your belt, keep your feet together, and stand tall when you are not bowing. If in doubt, bow. It doesn’t hurt to show extra etiquette rather than not showing it when you should have.

Last, but certainly not least, relax, and smile. Take pride in the fact that you are here, right now, surrounded by excellence. Enjoy it, and see how much you can take back with you to share with others.

We look forward to sharing this year’s Super Seminar with all of you!

Kam sam ni da!