Become a “Master” at Parenting!

#1) Always Praise Publicaly, and Reprimand Privately.

Our experience in martial arts training has proven that creating a positive learning environment is most successful for students of all ages. We try to see everything, overlook a lot and correct a little at a time to achieve our goals for each student. Once a student develops a desire to learn and work hard towards their own goals, nothing is unattainable.

Remember: Discipline should be a good thing, never a bad thing. Set clear expectations. Be careful not to punish or humiliate your child for making mistakes. If a situation requires correction, then be sensative to their feelings and do it privately.

#2) Lead by Example – i.e. Follow the “DDD” Rule!

Always demonstrate a new skill at the highest possible level to create an image in the mind of the ultimate goal to achieve. Break it down in detail, explaining the correct and/or incorrect way to develop a skill. Then, drill it over and over again until able to perform that skill at 8/10 times successfully.

#3) Keep it Fresh, and be Patient…

We like to use ‘disguised repetition’ to teach skills and good habits while keeping kids engaged and motivated. As a parent, if you are not getting the results you want, try to be creative and do things a little different. Be patient and try to make the situation an enjoyable learning experience.