REMEMBER: A black belt is a white belt who never gave up!

Our goal is for you to test every 12 weeks. Assessments are held periodically each quarter, genearally weeks #4 and #8. 

Etiquette is the code of conduct or behavior of a martial artist. This is the first and most important part of your test or assessment.


  • Your attitude affects your altitude! Always be humble and respectful.
  • Know when and how to bow.
  • Use proper titles and/or “Sir” and “Ma’am”

To review etiquette in more detail, click here


Your first 4-week assessment will include the following:

#1) Skills

  • Footwork
  • Blocking
  • Strikes & Kicks

#2) Forms: Ki-Cho Hyung 

  • Do the correct movements.
  • Do not stop.
  • Demonstrate strong Ki-Haps (martial art yell)

#3) Techniques

  • Say the name and number.
  • Show control. Do not hesitate.
  • Remember to Ki-Hap!

If you started in between testing periods, you may not be ready to test just yet. Don’t worry, every single class is another step towards earning your Black Belt! Should you have any questions, please contact us or speak with your instructor.​

You will be tested on your forms and techniques, as well as etiquette. It’s important to remember to bow at the door, and always do0 65% your best.

Belt Testing

Quarterly testing is scheduled in regular 12-week intervals.  Average training time between tests for adults is approximately 2 to 3 months. Testing forms (Intent to Promote Forms) will be provided to check-in with a students progress.  Testing forms are due prior to promotion. See the school calendar for future testing dates.

For each exam you will demonstrate the new material for that level, as well as some of the material you learned before. As you move up through the belt levels, you will acquire a number of techniques, gradually becoming more proficient in the earlier ones as you review them each time. This builds muscle memory — what we refer to as the “Kuk Sool Memory Technique”.



Promotion ceremonies are held every 12-14 weeks. It will consist of a formal promotion ceremony and student demonstration. Students promoting will need to dress in their Do-Bok (martial art uniform) and arrive ready at the appropriate start time. Friends and family are encouraged to attend and celebrate with us.